Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Actual Dragonball Screenshots From The Trailer!!

Finally!! It's been a very quiet time lately. We got nothing but false rumours, worthless interviews and discussions on whether Fox loves Dragonball or not .. in other words, nothing worth posting about. But finally we got something - we got actual screenshots from the actual Dragonball movie trailer!!! So, let's see what we got.

Goku won!! Looks like he just defeated Master Roshi (that's his arm right?). I guess training is over then.

High five! Finally a shot of Justin in action. I think I like this most. 

The training sequence - basic requirement of every kung fu movie in the history of cinema. But will this training scene bring anything refreshing to the formula?

Coffee please.  My guess is that they're waiting for Goku to bring the milk and they are growing really impatient.

Dove makes my skin feel really soft.

If that's a Dragonball, that's really cool. I really want one on my desk.

Why so serious?! Piccolo is here!!! Now, I think that they did a great job with Piccolo and I appreciate their effort in trying to make a real life equivalent of a green alien humanoid. Go Marsters!!

This shows that during the trailer they will introduce one character at a time so that you won't mix up Justin Chatwin for Yamcha. 

Source: Nerdorama