Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dragonball Winter Collection 2008

New clothing promotional photos for Dragonball Evolution appeared in the CivilisedJames gallery.  Don't look for the Add To Cart button.

Boots - just look at those boots - agressive looking - especially his - perfect if you plan to take over the world

Jacket - leather jacket that looks like its glory days are long gone - glasses must match jacket - don't mind the model - he's sad because he could not hit on Bulma

Shirt and Stick - older people can still look chic by wearing a grey shirt and swinging around their walking stick so that nobody takes their balls... dragonballs.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Download Dragonball Evolution HD Trailer + Posters

Thanks to and you can download the HD trailer and new posters for Dragonball Evolution. So does it get any better in HD? Well, some parts look better (Piccolo for example looks greener and some cgi is more effective .. especially when ki is used) but some parts now look like dog shit in high definition (all the physical fight scenes) but overall it looks better. Note that this trailer is 82Mb!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dragonball Evolution Trailer

That's what they are calling the upcoming Dragonball movie - Dragonball Evolution. I don't know how this can ever be an evolutionary step for the Dragonball animanga but anyways, here's the trailer. Erm.. enjoy.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Unhappy Photos

New images, courtesy of which is a fansite dedicated to actor and musician James Marsters, aka Piccolo.

Bulma is bored.

'Where did I leave my turtle shell?'

'Give me the Dragonball!'

Piccolo's Facebook profile image


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yummy! Goku Eating A Drumstick!

At least they did not forget that Goku eats a lot!! In this picture Goku is eating a drumstick and it looks very crispy. Yummy.



Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have got no words for this. 



Monday, October 27, 2008

"I was expecting a disaster but it turned out better"

What do you do if a your movie's teaser trailer leakes out and is hated by practically everyone? One thing you could do is say that it wasn't meant for the public and then try to do another edit. Anyways that is not what this post is about.

We may have here the first Dragonball movie review ever, thanks to AICN. It may be not legitimate but anyways it is worth a read. Warning: it does contain some spoilers.

Hello to all of you,

I am a huge fan of your site and constantly visit here but this will be my first time emailing you about something. I love geek movies because there is nothing better than a well made geek movie. Well after watching the 95-100 minutes (excluding credits) of the movie i say this movie was solid. Ya you heard that right. I simply love the anime but I was very very nervous about it being made by fox. After all the studio has been making nothing but shit lately. Another reason why I was worried about this movie is that the director is James Wong who made final destination 1 & 3 and The one starring Jet Li. What I watched had unfinished sfx and with no scoring done yet. Also... they will be adding one or two scenes which will be shot sometime end of october.

Now let me list the positives of this movie

1) Action - I wasn't expecting the action scenes to be as awesome as they were. Simply put the best thing about this movie. The last action scene of Goku vs. Picollo are simply amazing and when picollo takes out his huge fucking ass sword with weird rectangle shape tablet attached it at the tip of sword and slamming it on goku was fucking awesome. Lot of blowing shit up, super cool flying scenes, awesome ki blasts. This fight scene was around 13-15 minutes long. There are other small action scenes that are fun and entertaining with slo mo but nowhere as good as the picollo vs. goku scene.

2) James Marsters as Picollo was awesome. He was perfect as picollo. Very mean and a villain that makes you say fuck ya kick all their asses. Oh and Picollo transforms into a light greenish color picollo towards the end of the movie.

3) Justin Chatwin as Goku. This guy surprised me a lot. I really didn't like him when they casted him as goku but he did a damn good job in the acting department and he nailed the KAMEHAMEHA line.

4) Oozaru - the giant monkey is in the movie. Goku turns into a 8-9 feet tall giant baboon when he looks at the moon. It was awesome looking though a bit CGI. Maybe they will fix it later.

5) Emmy Rossum as Bulma- She was really really good in this role. I liked how she never acted like a wimpy girl and eventhough she knows she can't win against the evil forces yet she kicks ass. A strong female role I will say.

6) Fullum Assasins - I thought adding these monsters were bad idea but they were pretty damn cool and there was an enitre scene where Goku and his friends fight these monsters and that fight scene was pretty damn good.

7) Joon Park as Yamcha was pretty cool. His acting was spot on like the character and they showed some cool fighting techniques of his. The fight scene between him and goku was good.


1) Story - Dragonball fans will be dissapointed with some of the changes they have made with stories and characters etc. Krillin isn't in the movie, Tien isn't in the movie too. High school setting for the first 22-23 minutes was so not needed but ah well typical hollywood garbage of adding bullshit like that.

2) Jamie Chung as Chi Chi - Ya this was another casting i didn't like and my worst fears came true. Her acting is as bad as Jessica Alba's in F4 movies but thankfully her screentime isn't that big. I really wished they could have tried harded to find someone else. I hope for sequel she can improve if there is one of course.

3) Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi - I was dissapointed with this. I wanted the fucking perverted roshi who fucking grabs breasts and asses like in the anime but alas all of that is fucking gone. Also he acted like Mr. Kesuke Miyagi. You know what I mean. The lines he spoke were fine but I felt he was uncomfortable in the movie. Very dissapointed.

4) Shenron the dragon - Ah another huge dissapointment. This is like sentinel in X3 all over again. FUCK FUCK FUCK you fox. So ya they get all the dragonballs and the dragon appears but the dragon is hiding behind fucking clouds and you only see his shadow. The voice of the dragon was provided by none other than Christopher Sabat who provided the voice for the dragon in the american version of the anime. When the dragon spoke it was chilling but damnit it was hiding behind clouds. One can hope they will fix this but chances of that are very slim.

5) Eriko Tamura as Mai was underused character and frankly speaking if that is what their intention was to underuse her then they might as well have not added this character and just added more picollo. Her moments were cool and she basically was there to show her nice boobies but ya she was kinda wasted.

Overall, I would give the movie a 6.5/10 simply because i was expecting disaster but it turned out better. The positives I mentioned coupled with some cool funny goku moments like eating a massive turkey etc. were hilarious. If only Master Roshi was perverted and Shenron was visible I would have given this 9 but ah well they messed up there. Hopefully they will fix shenron as they still have 5 months to movie's release but if not then well fuck you to fox and james wong. But in all seriousness I am glad it aint the disaster I thought it would be. Hopefully you guys will post this. Thank You.

Call me DON


Friday, October 3, 2008

Official Dragonball Movie Teaser Trailer

The official Dragonball teaser trailer is here!! So what do you think? I must confess something - I thought they were going to come up with a trailer that would silence once and for all all those non believers in this movie adaptation. But, it turns out that this trailer pretty sucks. Nonetheless I will be waiting for the full trailer. So, what do you think?


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dragonball Movie Trailer Leaked!

Finally!! We have got a trailer!! Thanks to ... 20th Century Fox? Not exactly. Actually thanks to Mind, it's a cam shot of the trailer shown on some tv at the Brand Licensing Europe exposition in London. If you can resist wait for the actual trailer but if you have waited for too long for this trailer (like me) then you should see this before it vanishes.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Actual Dragonball Screenshots From The Trailer!!

Finally!! It's been a very quiet time lately. We got nothing but false rumours, worthless interviews and discussions on whether Fox loves Dragonball or not .. in other words, nothing worth posting about. But finally we got something - we got actual screenshots from the actual Dragonball movie trailer!!! So, let's see what we got.

Goku won!! Looks like he just defeated Master Roshi (that's his arm right?). I guess training is over then.

High five! Finally a shot of Justin in action. I think I like this most. 

The training sequence - basic requirement of every kung fu movie in the history of cinema. But will this training scene bring anything refreshing to the formula?

Coffee please.  My guess is that they're waiting for Goku to bring the milk and they are growing really impatient.

Dove makes my skin feel really soft.

If that's a Dragonball, that's really cool. I really want one on my desk.

Why so serious?! Piccolo is here!!! Now, I think that they did a great job with Piccolo and I appreciate their effort in trying to make a real life equivalent of a green alien humanoid. Go Marsters!!

This shows that during the trailer they will introduce one character at a time so that you won't mix up Justin Chatwin for Yamcha. 

Source: Nerdorama


Friday, August 1, 2008

New Posters

Four new promotional posters thanks to Movieland and MovieSoon.

goku and bulma
Goku (Justin Chatwin) and Bulma (Emmy Rossum)

Mai (Eriko Tamura)

Chi-chi (Jamie Chung)

Goku (Justin Chatwin)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chi-Chi Interview (including Spoilers)

This is an interview with Jamie Chung (Chi-Chi) at Comic-Con 2008 and I have to say I was quite surpised. I must confess I have never seen any movie/tv series/anything starring this American actress of Korean hertiage. I only saw the Dragonball pictures posted here and my impression was that she was quite shy and reserved. Well, I guess I was wrong. managed to interview Jamie and man, she kicks ass - she even fakes a punch using her right hook. Sweet.

Click here to watch interview

Note that during the first part she talks about some new tv series in which she stars called Samurai Girl. Then she shows us her skirt. And then she talks about Dragonball.

She spills these spoilers for the upcoming Dragonball movie:
  • Chi-Chi fights like a dude and is quite tough
  • She uses no weapons
  • There is a Chi-Chi vs. Chi-Chi fight in the movie
We also learn that Piccolo's make up takes 3 hours everytime and that Jamie thinks that Justin is the perfect Goku. And we also learn that Chi-Chi is quite hot - too hot to hang out with someone like Justin Goku. But then, love is a strange thing...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dragonball Movie Trailer (Fanmade)

The official Dragonball movie trailer is here!! Just kidding of course. :) You all know that lately we could finally see some scans and posters for the upcoming Dragonball movie and it was so obvious that somebody would pick them up and create some sort of teaser trailer. Well, somebody did just that and it ain't that bad. Check it out below:


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goku In Orange Gi + Bigger Biceps

This actually looks like Dragonball!!! *sigh of relief* We don't know much about this Dragonball movie poster other than that it was posted on some chinese website called The orange uniform looks pretty cool (and comfortable). Gotta love Muten Roshi's kanji. And .. are you seeing what I'm seeing!?! Look at his right arm - no, no, not the Dragonball - his biceps! Has he been working out or is it just a Photoshop job? What do you think?

Goku Orange Gi

Monday, July 7, 2008

Top 3 Dragonball Openings

As we patiently wait for the upcoming movie adaptation of the best animanga ever (fanboy comment), I think it is good to have a look from time to time at what is actually being adapted, i.e. the first Dragonball anime and manga series. The most appropriate way to kick off this thing is by listing the Top 3 Dragonball opening theme songs from all around the world for the first anime series.

3rd position: The Arabic Opening

2nd position: The Italian Opening

1st position: The Japanese Opening ("Makafushigi Adventure" - rerocorded and sung in English/French/Mexican/German/Spanish and tens of other languages according to the country where it was to be broadcast)


Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Scans

Scans from the August issue of the Japanese mag Jump Square. Source: Well it seems we have two shots from the actual movie: one having Master Roshi (who looks quite younger than the roshi we know - nice shirt by the way) next to Goku and another one with Bulma hiding from Goku.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dragonball Teaser Banner

Damn it's hot! I'm talking about the weather ... and the poster on the left of course. So, what is that? Thanks to (a Hollandish website), we have a photo of a teaser poster or banner or call it whatever you like that was standing at the 2008 edition of Cinema Expo held in Amsterdam - Netherlands.

There appears to be all main characters in the poster. Goku looks kinda worried (that he's been miscast?!). Roshi looks concerned. Chichi has a look that says "I'm all yours.". Mai looks dangerous and deadly. And Bulma looks KICK ASS!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Magnificent Four

This is going to be the best movie ever! Lol. I can imagine the look on some of your faces when you read that! :) Is it going to work? Is it going to suck? I surfed a bit through various forums and blog comments related to Dragonball and it seems there's a war going on. Some are crying in pain and some are crying with joy. Myself, I'd rather postpone my judgement till the day some kind of trailer shows up. Ok, from what we have seen so far it seems that director James Wong's vision for the movie looks more like a generic episode of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer rather than an epic adventure ala Lord of the Rings. But it is too early to say. Let's be patient a little while longer my friends.

Anyways, here are some new mag scans thanks to

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Images! Goku and Bulma!

Wow. Bulma is so cute and at the same time she looks as if ready to engage in some high octane adventure. You have to give the hair stylists credit for their work. If everything else fails, at least they got the hair better than in the animanga. And then below, it the same pic from last post ... IN COLOR! At least now we know the color of the ki ball.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Goku Charging Up a Ki Ball

Promotion kicks off ... in Japan. On the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump (a very popular Japanese magazine full of manga compilations - there is also an American version of the mag called just Shonen Jump) there is a picture of Goku charging up an energy ball and here we got a scan from the mag thanks to So what do you think? I personally love his hair but man, he should have done some workout and built his muscles as he is far from looking like a kid brought up in jungle who has to hunt his own food everyday. But then, I love his hair.
Hollywood making Dragonball into film!!
Finally the dreams come true in 2009 Spring!
It’s decided Japan landing in advance of the entire world!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Dragonball Teaser Poster

Behold, the Dragonball Movie Teaser Poster is here. Bwahahahaha. The poster suggests that this is going to be a thunderous event. Lol.


Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beauties and the Beast

As I was going to start this post, the Dragonball Z tune caught my attention. They were showing a Dragonball ad to promote the DVD collection during the promotional break of the Big Brother final. Having watched all the saga twice, I am really happy that Dragonball is still so popular to this day. Anyways just wanted to say that as it made me feel good.

Now what have we got here. Here we have two photos thanks to Dragonballmovieblog. In the first photo there are two hot girls - Jamie Chung (so cute) and our beloved Emmy Rossum (I really love her haircut). And in the second photo we have the Dragonball couple - Chichi and Goku - Jamie and Justin Chatwin - the beauty and the beast! :)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

James Marsters Rocks!!

This guy rocks!! James Marsters is such a cool guy and he has watched all three Dragonball sub-series: Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT. Here is finally a Dragonball actor who knows that "Kamehameha" is not the name of an ice-cream flavour. This video is a bit old (November 2007) but now we can be less worried as we got a huge Dragonball fan in the cast. Best line: "[Dragonball is] the coolest cartoon in the last 50,000 years!". We love you Piccolo.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Goku and Fans

Here we have a new picture of Justin Chatwin. I love his hair style. If I had a company selling hair modelling products I would make Justin my spokesmodel. Photo taken by jucef182.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brian Tyler To Score Dragonball

OMG! I cannot believe it man. Two weeks ago I watched the latest Rambo movie and the music caught my attention - it was stupendous. It was marvellous, epic and the action pieces oozed adrenaline. And so I searched for other works by its composer - Brian Tyler. And now, this morning I wake up and find out that this guy is going to be the composer of the Dragonball movie score!! That's a huge super plus. That's some great news, especially after the bad news we had earlier this week. Thanks Brian!!! Dragonballmovieblog has also this note from Brian:

Dragonball is a dream of mine to score. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. I am going to do my utmost to reflect the epic tone of the story and capture the amazing richness of the characters. I love how the characters of DB are no simply good or evil. How throughout the mythology of DB they change allegiances (Piccolo) or have something inside them that is dark (Goku with his Oozaru side). It is classic epic story telling and I want the rest of the world (the non-DB fans) to experience what we already know. That Dragon Ball is one of our great modern mythologies
Below is the Rambo theme composed by Brian Tyler. Just listen to this and imagine: (start from 00:36) Goku wakes up in his home and goes outside to see his grandfather Son Gohan training (Tai Chi style). Then Goku goes next to him and repeats Son Gohan's moves while the old chap smiles at watching his young adopted child growing stronger day by day.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dragonball Movie Pushed to 2009! says that the Dragonball movie will not come out next August and has been pushed back to April 3rd 2009. That's more than a year away! Don't hold your breath. There may be tons of reasons for this move but on the bright side the CGI guys have now got a lot of time to spend on polishing and perfecting their work.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Temple Of The Dragon Pics

We got new pictures of the "Temple Of The Dragon" (so is the local Mexican media calling it). If these pictures do not excite you, then thank god I am not alone. But Movieland assures us that the guy who took these pictures could only take photos from the back of the temple. It's kind of weird that the set was constructed next to an electicity pole as it may spoil a very wide shot of the temple. Or Goku may get caught in the wires while hovering over the temple on his Flying Nimbus.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

What is Dragonball: The Magic Begins?

I have been asked this question a gazillion times. What the heck is Dragonball: The Magic Begins?! Let us start with what you really want to know - is the new Dragonball movie (the one coming out this year) the first ever live action adaptation of the Dragonball animanga? The answer: officialy yes, unofficially no.

In fact, there may have been more than one unofficial adaptation but the most popular is the 1989 adaptation called Dragonball: The Magic Begins. Like the upcoming movie it is based on the first 16 manga volumes of Dragonball (17 to 41 are Dragonball Z). Actually it is somewhat based on the first Dragonball (anime) movie ever: Curse of the Blood Rubies. Magic Begins came out the same year that the Dragonball Z series started airing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Next question - is it any good? Let's be honest here - it sucks a lot but I enjoyed watching it. It was fun watching Goku and all other characters being brought to life in this energetic but very lame live action adaptation. (er.. Dragon Pearls?) Ok ok, it is crap but let's just say that this Goku looks more of a martial arts expert than our Justin Chatwin.

If you are going to watch it, then I suggest you get the recently remastered version of Magic Begins with better special effects and stuff. It is called Dragonball: Ultimate Edition and it should look better (read 'less crapy'). Anyways, let's all pray that the 2008 adaptation beats the hell out of Magic Begins.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dragonball Fans Alight

August seems light years away and our appetite for anything related to the Dragonball movie increases exponentially by the day. We need something to satifsy our hunger. The official promotion did not kick off yet but .. but... but we can see how fans from around the world are promoting the movie in their own ways. Just type "dragonball movie trailer" in YouTube and you will find lots of fan-made trailers (some crappy, some good).

I have surfed and searched the net and these are my favourites. On the left you can see a fake movie poster by Jamce which is really awesome and slick. Below is a very well made fake Dragonball movie trailer by Masongoliver.