Monday, April 21, 2008

The Beauties and the Beast

As I was going to start this post, the Dragonball Z tune caught my attention. They were showing a Dragonball ad to promote the DVD collection during the promotional break of the Big Brother final. Having watched all the saga twice, I am really happy that Dragonball is still so popular to this day. Anyways just wanted to say that as it made me feel good.

Now what have we got here. Here we have two photos thanks to Dragonballmovieblog. In the first photo there are two hot girls - Jamie Chung (so cute) and our beloved Emmy Rossum (I really love her haircut). And in the second photo we have the Dragonball couple - Chichi and Goku - Jamie and Justin Chatwin - the beauty and the beast! :)


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Anonymous said...

Not one dragonball fan knew who these pictures should be portraying, if you get what I mean