Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fans Were Right

"In short, it's as bad as the fans said it would be." says Zac Bertschy, Executive Editor for Anime News Network, in his review.  You can check out the review to see why he gave Dragonball Evolution the worst rating possible.

An extract from the review: "Fans who do know what the general story is will be furious at just how unbelievably badly they screwed this entire thing up. Kids are used to better writing than this in their weekday afternoon cartoons (although you may run into a kid who has never actually seen a movie before, and they might dig it until you show them another movie). It's a clunky, tiresome, badly executed, horribly written pile of shame that deserves no quarter."


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Anonymous said...

This review was by far the most accurate and true to what I and my buds felt after watching DBE (and yes, drinking helped us through it lol).