Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragonball Evolution: A DISASTER!

Some movies get negative reviews but become a hit nonetheless (eg: Fast and Furious - rottentomatoes: 26% and domestic box office $118 million so far). Others are praised by critics but unfortunately fail to impress at the box office (eg: Milk - 93% - $31 million). Then there are those that win everything (eg: Slumdog Millionaire - 94% - $140 million). 

And then there's Dragonball Evolution...

IMDB: 3.2


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Anonymous said...

Well DUH!
Go to the theater and see wait...fuck that! Go watch it online like the rest of us since this movie shouldn't be given the time or even the 8 dollars to see it at a theater.
And to FOX and James Wong whom are trying to make more films off this poor excuse of adaptation cinema: GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!