Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brian Tyler To Score Dragonball

OMG! I cannot believe it man. Two weeks ago I watched the latest Rambo movie and the music caught my attention - it was stupendous. It was marvellous, epic and the action pieces oozed adrenaline. And so I searched for other works by its composer - Brian Tyler. And now, this morning I wake up and find out that this guy is going to be the composer of the Dragonball movie score!! That's a huge super plus. That's some great news, especially after the bad news we had earlier this week. Thanks Brian!!! Dragonballmovieblog has also this note from Brian:

Dragonball is a dream of mine to score. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. I am going to do my utmost to reflect the epic tone of the story and capture the amazing richness of the characters. I love how the characters of DB are no simply good or evil. How throughout the mythology of DB they change allegiances (Piccolo) or have something inside them that is dark (Goku with his Oozaru side). It is classic epic story telling and I want the rest of the world (the non-DB fans) to experience what we already know. That Dragon Ball is one of our great modern mythologies
Below is the Rambo theme composed by Brian Tyler. Just listen to this and imagine: (start from 00:36) Goku wakes up in his home and goes outside to see his grandfather Son Gohan training (Tai Chi style). Then Goku goes next to him and repeats Son Gohan's moves while the old chap smiles at watching his young adopted child growing stronger day by day.


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