Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dragonball Movie Pushed to 2009! says that the Dragonball movie will not come out next August and has been pushed back to April 3rd 2009. That's more than a year away! Don't hold your breath. There may be tons of reasons for this move but on the bright side the CGI guys have now got a lot of time to spend on polishing and perfecting their work.


Misfusg said...

I'd doubt if an extra eight months will help anything, save giving the effects team some time to try and polish up more CG effects in their attempt to cover up all the rottedness that has infested the foundations of this movie right from the start.

Some Hollywood fanatics are saying that the delay means that Fox will make a better movie, but really, all that this is saying is that even the producers themselves are sure that the movie they are making will just buckle and splinter like a tiny twig when placed against the competition out there, so they are taking the easy way out and moving the release date to some period during when they hope good movies will not be coming out just to make things worse while the Japanese based boycott movement's going on

Jaigo said...

Nothing like the series. It may be one of the best movies to come out, a box office smash of such, but if it doesn’t stick to its origins, then it’s just another street fighter, can anybody say; ‘none American Guile or Kylie Minogue Cammy’. First of all, does anybody on this blog know or have a friend, who is a white guy called Goku?
You’re only going to get camera tricks like crouching tiger, people pretending to walk on trees, fake fighting; and to you hardcore DB fans worldwide, you must be disappointed. By Goku alone, never mind the none green Piccolo and Master Roshi with a full head of hair, tall and serious, when has master Roshi ever been serious. As for Bulma, she should have blue hair and where is Krillin and Tien. Finally I have beef with the storyline, WHERE IS GOKU’S TAIL and what’s up with his hair? To be continued after the release date.