Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dragonball Teaser Banner

Damn it's hot! I'm talking about the weather ... and the poster on the left of course. So, what is that? Thanks to film1.nl (a Hollandish website), we have a photo of a teaser poster or banner or call it whatever you like that was standing at the 2008 edition of Cinema Expo held in Amsterdam - Netherlands.

There appears to be all main characters in the poster. Goku looks kinda worried (that he's been miscast?!). Roshi looks concerned. Chichi has a look that says "I'm all yours.". Mai looks dangerous and deadly. And Bulma looks KICK ASS!


Pinbow said...

I'm worried about this movie.

I love dragonball, but these pictures are a bit weird.

These clothes make Goku look like a regular teenager. What happened with his martial arts clothes?

Master Roshi looks like an oldschool surfer from hawaii.

Bulma is cool. I guess it would be weird if she had blue hair.

And what about other characters like Krillin and Tien?

johnny said...

pinbow, I feel the same way. This does not look anything like Dragonball!! It's looks more like a live action adaptation of some Nikolodean cartoon rather than that of a fighting centric animanga. I sincerely hope that when a trailer comes up it proves us wrong.

Sahin Düzgün said...
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Sahin Düzgün said...

bulma is hoooot!

but who's the chick in the right corner up there????

and i've just realized now that you can see piccolo on the top in the background! let's hope they won't screw this great francinse down with this flick!

but i have faith! ;)

Anonymous said...

More proof this movie's going to get kicked big time!!

I can just see the boycotts boiling out of Asia

VEGETA said...

This is beyond the mockery....
This is pathetic. And I can't believe that there are some people who call themselves a "DB fans" andare supporting this pile of dohshit and exploitation...



Anonymous said...

Too bad once the funding is there it cant be stopped. Like it or not, its gonna come out short of something extreme happening, I think this movie deseves a chance and people need to respect that and leave there tongues in their mouths before they complain about it.