Friday, June 13, 2008

The Magnificent Four

This is going to be the best movie ever! Lol. I can imagine the look on some of your faces when you read that! :) Is it going to work? Is it going to suck? I surfed a bit through various forums and blog comments related to Dragonball and it seems there's a war going on. Some are crying in pain and some are crying with joy. Myself, I'd rather postpone my judgement till the day some kind of trailer shows up. Ok, from what we have seen so far it seems that director James Wong's vision for the movie looks more like a generic episode of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer rather than an epic adventure ala Lord of the Rings. But it is too early to say. Let's be patient a little while longer my friends.

Anyways, here are some new mag scans thanks to


CyberStrike said...

Oh wow, your alive. It's been awhile since your last post.

Anonymous said...

Exactly - patience!

But what You said, was a real exageration. It doesn`t seem to look this bad. I they will do something simmiliar to the fake script (and it seems they will) it could be a realy great movie. Only hing that really makes things worse is the time of movie duration - 100 minutes. Too short!

Anonymous said...

Aw WTH, all those swindlers at Fox need are people who think judgement should be made at the cinemas, and then they'll get the bucks they want.
Really, with all the nonsense and stupidity they've been doing to the movie, you really think they're shooting for an academy award?