Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chi-Chi Interview (including Spoilers)

This is an interview with Jamie Chung (Chi-Chi) at Comic-Con 2008 and I have to say I was quite surpised. I must confess I have never seen any movie/tv series/anything starring this American actress of Korean hertiage. I only saw the Dragonball pictures posted here and my impression was that she was quite shy and reserved. Well, I guess I was wrong. managed to interview Jamie and man, she kicks ass - she even fakes a punch using her right hook. Sweet.

Click here to watch interview

Note that during the first part she talks about some new tv series in which she stars called Samurai Girl. Then she shows us her skirt. And then she talks about Dragonball.

She spills these spoilers for the upcoming Dragonball movie:
  • Chi-Chi fights like a dude and is quite tough
  • She uses no weapons
  • There is a Chi-Chi vs. Chi-Chi fight in the movie
We also learn that Piccolo's make up takes 3 hours everytime and that Jamie thinks that Justin is the perfect Goku. And we also learn that Chi-Chi is quite hot - too hot to hang out with someone like Justin Goku. But then, love is a strange thing...


Anonymous said...

I love how her boob almost falls out LOL

Anonymous said...

We now know she actually doesn't have an idea who Chichi or basically any character in the story's supposed to be like