Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goku In Orange Gi + Bigger Biceps

This actually looks like Dragonball!!! *sigh of relief* We don't know much about this Dragonball movie poster other than that it was posted on some chinese website called The orange uniform looks pretty cool (and comfortable). Gotta love Muten Roshi's kanji. And .. are you seeing what I'm seeing!?! Look at his right arm - no, no, not the Dragonball - his biceps! Has he been working out or is it just a Photoshop job? What do you think?

Goku Orange Gi


Anonymous said...

This just means Fox doesn't dare to show his face, because it'll be nothing remotely resembling Dragonball if they do

Hinkle said...

"This just means Fox doesn't dare to show his face, because it'll be nothing remotely resembling Dragonball if they do"

You are F'ing stupid what do you even mean it wont resemble Dragonball. are you seriouse if you werew fallowing what really going on you would not that that statement is full of crap. every one on the cast want this to be as close to the source material goku's character and outfit is the closest that they could get almot with piccolo. and all the actors are trying to get this movie as close as the possibly can but still make it apealing to other beside all you harcore Nazi fans that think every single small detail has to be right but in the end that not possible so just chill out and wait. The japanese say that this goku look almost excatly like he does in the anime not to mention that the background look almost perfect to the anime in this poster so your stupid k im done

Anonymous said...

Ha!! Are you serious, hinkle? Who are you trying to kid? People who don't even know where Japan is?

If Fox was trying to make the movie as close to the anime as possible, they wouldn't have chosen some white guy to play Goku and Americanized the script to the point of multilation.

As for the Japanese's reaction, you should start looking at the Japanese boards in the case you know Japanese, and stop spilling BS if you don't.

BTW, where are you from anyway? What's with all that Nazi stuff?

Anonymous said...

he means your a douche and you should stfu because you don't know what your talking about the Japanese are more excited about this movie then then northamericans lol Hinkle no worries bud

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Japanese are surely more excited than the northamericans, because they'll be smashing every theatre in Japan showing this flick if it weren't for the security.
So to those northamericans who don't even know where Japan is, STHU

Anonymous said...

Japanese impression of this poster:

Anonymous said...

goku wasent japanese in the first place retards ... the dragonball world was like a multiethnic society with talking animals even running around

and btw goku isn't a jap hes a sayian ....

having a japanese male lead would be way too feminine

but yeh the film still sucks either way

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most racist/stupid things I've read in a while. Wow. Just, wow.