Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Bad Guys: Piccolo and Mai

It wouldn't be Dragonball without the fighting. It has always been about beating the bad guys using every last bit of ki you've got. In other words, it would not be Dragonball without some really strong and menacing bad guys. We came to know that the Goku's nemesis in the movie will be Piccolo - the green alien demon from Namek. Everybody loves Piccolo. Ok he's a bad guy, but his tough looks and serious face make him one of the coolest bad guys that exist in the the Dragonball universe. James Marsters is going to play him. You may remember Mr. Marsters from Buffy or Smallville so he should have no problem with fantasy movies, CGI and green stuff. :)

Eriko Tamura will play Mai - one of the minions of Emperor Pilaf, the small blue guy who wants to dominate the world. The other minion is Shu who looks like some kind of dog and I guess it may be a digital character. Same for Pilaf. Eriko Tamura was last seen on the second season of Heroes as Princess Yaeko.

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