Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Director

It is the job of the director to take an idea from a source such as a book, manga, game, actual event, his own mind or someone else's script and visualize it and incarnate into movie with its own visual feel and setting in order to tell a story on the big screen. Well, you may like it or not but that's my definition. :) Anyways, my point is that the director choice is important in any adaptation because if the captain of the ship got the wrong direction, then the whole ship's gonna go the wrong direction. And the director of the most important anime adaptation ever goes to... James Wong.

A quick look at his IMDB page and this guy made the Final Destination series and The One. Well, I loved The One. Ok it's miles away from better sci-fi action movies like The Matrix or Equilibrium but it's got it own look and the fight scenes are awesome. Check this out. This is the last few seconds of The One.


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Reddude said...

look ur a good Director. But this is not the way pictured this movie. Im 24 year old ive been watchin DBZ sences i was 14.Pls DONT DO THIS PLEASE