Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Goku - Justin Chatwin

Justin Chatwin is a 25 year old actor who had the honor of working under the direction of the most profitable director ever - Stephen Spielberg - on War of the Worlds. He also did The Invisible and The Taken mini-series. Well ok, he is relatively unknown but we hope that his portrayal of the our beloved anime hero is as perfect as it should be. We're all with you Justin.

Here you go. This is the trailer of Chatin's latest movie The Invisible.


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Anonymous said...

Re-cast Goku quickly!!! Your making a big mistake. This is like having a Ferrari, and saying: " well a VW engine fits, should be fine" I think this series (if the first is done right) can be great. The casting of Goku is a big step in the wrong direction.