Tuesday, February 19, 2008

70% of Filming Ready

Director James Wong completed 70% of the filming. Yep. Obviously once filming is complete there's the post-production stuff like editing, CGI work, soundtrack mixing, etc. Which brings a thought - how will the soundtrack be and how will the theme song sound like? I wish the main theme is captivating and memorable, like say the Lord of the Rings theme or Indiana Jones theme. Btw, Movieland also reports that the promotion of the Dragonball movie is unlikely to kick off before summer. Well my friends, it seems we still got some time to wait till the official Dragonball The Movie website goes online. It seems Funimation Entertainment (holders of the Dragonball licence) have acquired both www.dragonballthemovie.com and www.dragonballmovie.com amongst other domains. These do not work right now and you have to wait some more months. Don't hold your breath.


amarax said...

tres bon casting,tres gros budget
et surement une reference du genre.

Anonymous said...

me parece que destruyeron a dragon ball hasta la primer pelicula de origen china que era malisima se apegaba bien a la apariencia de los personajes y a la historia a mi me resulta que va a ser una perdida de dinero y un fracaso como He-man,street fighter o mortal kombat dios quiera que hagan otra y esta sea realmente dragon ball.
pd el maestro royi es un desastre