Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Dragonball Spoilers

Some extras for the shooting of Dragonball in Durango (Mexico) talked to the god sent Movieland blog on their experience on set during the filming of a tournament fight. Yep, you read right: TOURNAMENT fight. Cool! The best parts in the first Dragonball saga were the fights in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournaments. The first one (21st edition) was won by Jackie Chun (Master Roshi), the second by Goku and the third by Piccolo. Here we got some information on a fight scene in which some extras participated. You've been warned - it's a spoiler.
  • Chichi fights Mai - and wins as Mai gives up. Goku shouts "well done" to Chichi. Mai is booed as she leaves the ring but grins at her hand when she gets a knife (or something else) out of her pocket. What will she do with the knife? Will she hurt Chichi? Find out in the live action movie adaption of Dragonball out next August.
  • Chichi wears a red dress while Mai fights in a black leather outfit.
  • The fight did not involve any wires (so no Crouching Mai, Hidden Chichi I guess)
  • Jamie Chung (Chichi) hurt her right arm but it was nothing to worry about.
  • The extras were given flags, scarfs, large 'No1' hand gloves and drums.



Kaptain. said...

The second tournement was won by Tien Shinhan. The third by Goku. But still, can't wait to see some pics of Piccolo in full makeup. I wouldn't mind seeing the making off either. Would be kinda funny to see Chatwin and marsters in front of a blue screen, looking like they're constipated. Of cause i'm refering to when they power up.

Marsters: "Y'know I feel kinda funny doing this"

Dir: "Don't worry James, we're gonna out some lighting effects is after, it'll look fine."

Anonymous said...

hey dont mess up this MOVIE! i saw some pics where are all the muscles? Do this charge up and hair turn yellow? Or are you introducing that in parts and starting from WAY at the beign when Goku couldn't fly either please dont lol. Everyone would really liek to see the DBZ they are used to asian men who look to be on steriods with yellow hair shooting all kinds of fire balls at Aliens

Anonymous said...

Notice that the extras don't mention any other fighters in the tournament. That's because there aren't any. The Chi Chi and Mai bout is the only one.