Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Keymaker is Grandpa Gohan

Grandpa Gohan is the one who found and took care of young Goku until passing away (unfortunately Goku may have killed him while being transformed in the Oozaru form during a full moon). He taught martial arts and manners to Goku but Goku only learnt the former. Goku then named his first son Gohan in respect of his loving grandpa. In the upcoming Dragonball movie, actor Randall Duk Kim will play the part of the grandfather. You definetly remember Mr. Randall as the keymaker in the second Matrix movie - Matrix Reloaded. He was the guy everybody wanted as he was able to open the backdoors within the Matrix (btw, he end's up dead in that movie too).

Good luck Grandpa Gohan!

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