Sunday, February 10, 2008

High School Photo

I was informed that the Dragonballmovieblog ..erm.. blog have got a cool photo of some students attending High School in the Dragonball movie. So here's the photo. From left we got Emi (Shavon Kirksey) who will be Chichi's best friend, a football player called Agundas (Richard Blake) and Carey Fuller (Texas Battle) who will be the school bully. Then there's Chichi (Jamie Chung) and Goku (Justin Chatwin).
Nice photo but I'm a little pissed here - High School?!? School was never ever mentioned in the first Dragonball series!! Goku going to school?! Goku reading a book?! Wtf? Ok Gohan went to the Orange Star High School in Dragonball Z but his father only knew one thing - how to fight. Well, there nothin we can do. Let's just pray it is not anything like Sky High.


Christopher S said...

I hope it won't be a

Volcano High


Tenjho Tenge

Sky High is a bit out of the way in comparison.

Dragan said...

Yep, I hope that too. Two things are bothering me: 1) Goku never went to school 2) Any movie or tv series with kids going to high school is well... crap. :(

Christopher S said...

Hey, that a rather wide remark, The Breakfast Club was an awesome movie. Charlie Bartlett also looks like it's going rock.

Dragan said...

How could I forget The Breakfast Club!!! Ok,let me correct myself: replace "any" with "most" in my previous comment.