Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stephen Chow on Dragonball

Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle are two fantastic Hong Kong movies and all star Stephen Chow who is also their director and writer. Every Dragonball fan out there should watch one of these Asian movies. They are brilliant, funny and uniquely blend CGI with comedy and martial arts. Stephen Chow is a god in Hong Kong and he's also the producer of the upcoming Dragonball movie. Unfortunately but understandably, Stephen is only supervising director James Wong and not helping out in the day to day shooting of the movie. Obviously this is James Wong's movie who, may I remind you, has also credits on the script. Below is an extract from an article on ComingSoon.net:

Most recently, Chow has been involved as a producer on director James Wong's Dragonball, mainly supervising the script and offering advice and guidance on the bigger picture, but he said that the whole process of working on an American film has been very smooth, with the film being close to shooting. Although Chow's involvement would make one think that it would be done in the style of Kung Fu Hustle, he said that Wong is a capable director who has his own ideas of how the film should look.



Vivel said...

Still, I wish that Stephen kept to his own movie and stayed out of this so that Wong can take all the music

Anonymous said...

Look, Stephen Chow is in no way involved with this because he doesn't have a say in anything.